loveHow therapy can help you 

Ups and downs are part of life. Sometimes the downs can feel overwhelming to deal with alone.  In those times, having a compassionate and caring counsellor can help to deal with whatever life throws at you.

At Therapy Advances we take an integrative approach to working with people which means that we draw on various schools of thought when it comes to achieving well-being. Using elements from the Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Relational models we tailor our approach to meet the individual needs of the client.

Patterns of behaviour we develop in childhood in order to get our needs met are often carried with us unto adulthood despite no longer serving us best. These behaviours are often played out in our relationships, be they friendships or partnerships. This can mean that we are unable to achieve closeness with others, or the opposite; that we are quick seek closeness and can feel dependent.

We can help you to look at and change any behaviours which may be holding you back or preventing you from achieving the sort of relationship you would like. If you would like to improve your relationship with your partner, you might find couple’s therapy useful.

Our own experience of being parented has an impact on how we parent our own children. If you would like to enjoy happier and healthier relationships with your children, we will support you to do this.

Therapy can be short term or long term depending on your goal and needs. No matter how long we work together, you can be assured that you will not be alone on your journey.