i am okLife has ups and downs. Being emotionally healthy does not mean that you won’t be affected by life’s difficulties, and experience adversity, trauma, stress and sadness.  It means that you have the ability to bounce back, you have the right tools for coping with difficult situations and maintaining a positive outlook.  The main ingredient necessary for this recipe for emotional health is called resilience which allows you to express your feelings appropriately instead of getting stuck in a negative mood.  The capacity to look after ourselves is vital in promoting resilience.  This is a chance to recharge your batteries and will help feel emotionally more connected.  Here are some ideas that might help to look after yourself:

  • taking some time off for yourself
  • book in a pampering session (get your hair done or have a massage)
  • eating healthy food that nourishes you
  • enjoy the beauty of nature or art
  • be active (go for a walk)
  • get some sunshine every day.

Having a strong support network is vital in maintaining good emotional health so you know where you can turn to for support in times of need.  Support can come in the form of a cup of tea with a friend or an online support group.  However, most people feel that spending face-to-face time with people they like is the best way to build on their support networks.

In therapy, we can look at your support network, look at ways to strengthen it and find support in places you may not have thought to look before.  We can explore your coping strategies and look if these are working for you in the short and long term.  Together we can strengthen your resilience to help you bounce back when life knocks you down.

More importantly, if you are experiencing trauma, loss or illness, a counsellor can become part of your support network with whom you can process your feelings safely and confidentially. We look forward to hearing from you soon.