What is trauma? Psychological trauma results from experiencing highly stressful events that shatter your sense of security, leaving you feeling helpless and vulnerable.  Traumatic experiences often involve a threat to life or safety, leaving you feel overwhelming fear, upsetting feelings and often reliving frightening experiences. One time events – such as natural disasters, a bad accident, an attack – can cause trauma.  Other events such as receiving a diagnosis of a life-threatening condition or the sudden loss of a loved one can also cause trauma.  Repeated exposure to events that shake your sense of safety- such as experiencing or witnessing domestic violence – can also leave you traumatised.

Trauma experienced in childhood can cause changes to your brain, leaving you in a constantly heighten state of anxiety. As children are more vulnerable their sense of security and safety can be disrupted more easily.  Childhood trauma, if left untreated, increases the likelihood of future trauma, and menatl health issues later in life.

With the help of trained professionals,  you can have the chance to process difficult feelings and re-establish a sense of security and safety. You can learn to become more resilient, and how to deal with frightening symptoms of the trauma you have experienced.

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